A history of Titirangi, Waima and Waikomiti (Little Muddy Creek)

Titirangi possibly has some of the most diverse history of any part of Auckland.

The area was long used as a place of canoe construction and landing by Te Kawerau a Maki.

In 1760 a battle between two other tribes passing through here, took place near Smyth’s saddle (Exhibition Drive carpark), during which the leader of the Auckland Isthmus, Kiwi Tamaki was killed. This was possibly the most important battle in Auckland’s history.

In 1850s people came to cut down the Kauri forest and eventually settle and create farms.

Then in early 1900 Titirangi became the main centre of water supply for Auckland – a position it held for a long time.

From the early 1950s the area has become a centre of creativity.

Throughout this time there has been a sense of the need to preserve the special environment. This has been the biggest factor in making Titirangi what it is today.

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