Titirangi Water Treatment Plant Expansion – We need your help

Watercare are planning a huge expansion of the Huia Water Treament Plant in Titirangi. You’ve probably heard about them trying to put this in Oratia. Those guys have Watercare’s attention and appear to have fought back successfully – now it’s our turn. If we don’t give feedback before May it is possible they will use special legislation to just go ahead with this.

We don’t want a plant of this scale in Oratia OR Titirangi. We want Watercare to have consideration for people and the environment and do some better engineering to come up with a better solution.

If you have any doubts about this or are not fully informed please write a quick email to Watercare immediately. They make a decision in May.


In combination with the Waitakere Ranges Combined Residents and Ratepayers Group, we have requested an urgent review of the process they have followed so far. Here’s the press release. So far Watercare have not responded so we need your help to make them listen.  There are other practical options outside of the two Titirangi and two Oratia sites that they have they have ‘shortlisted’.

Watercare’s 3D drawings of Manuka Rd site
One of the two proposed Titirangi options for the Huia Water Treatment Plant Expansion. For scale reference the two above ground reservoirs next to Exhibition Drive will each be 60m diameter.

Just for reference, here’s a diagram of how big it would be if it was placed in Titirangi Village. Don’t laugh – South Titirangi Rd was one of the sites their site selection software originally chose.

Proposed Huia Water Treatment Plant Expansion – superimposed on Titirangi Village for scale reference

Click the links below for more info:

Huia WTP Expansion – Our concerns

Huia WTP Expansion – Q & A

Huia WTP Expansion – Other Options

Expanding this plant is a one in a hundred year decision. It is important they get it right.

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