Clarks Bush

Clark Bush Track is a walkway in the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area that visits two of Aucklands largest and oldest Kauri trees – Clarks and Bishops Kauri.  The path is in the Yorke Gully of Little Muddy Creek and crosses land that was historically owned by the Bishop and Clark families but later donated to public reserve. Most of the track is in the Waitakere Ranges Forest Park, but the top section of the walk is over land owned by Watercare Services. In 2017 Watercare have proposed to build a large water treatment plant on this land. At this stage the future of the track is uncertain.

Clark Bush Reserve was donated by the family of Mathew Anderson Clark, one of the early contributors to the environment of Titirangi. This section of the track contains Clarks Kauri.

The John Bishop Memorial Reserve was given by T.A.Bishop (Gus) at the time of the the Manuka Rd subdivision. Bishops Kauri is preserved here – this was originally part of the land surrounding Dunevagan house of John Bishop who settled here in the 1850s.

The Beverly Hills Scenic Reserve was added as the lower part of Tainui Drive was subdivided.

Later, others have contributed the Logan’s Bush and Tanui Reserveres to the conservation effort further downstream. The Regional Park is gradually getting nearer to reaching the historic Landing Road Reserve and the coast at Little Muddy Creek.

A letter to the NZ Herald in 1938 describes it well:

Kauri and Pine Trees_NZH 1938