Clarks Kauri and Bishops Kauri

Clarks and Bishops Kauri are two of the oldest and largest Kauri in the Auckland urban area. They are estimated to be 1000 years old. They are accessed only via Clark Bush track, a short side trail from either Exhibition Drive or Hilary Trail walks, and just 1km along Scenic Drive from Titirangi Village.

Kauri Tree Titirangi 1934
Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 4-7675

During the early 20th century Clark’s and Bishop’s Kauri were often photographed and people came out from Auckland to see them. They now surrounded by regenerating forest.

Exhibition Drive 1913
Auckland Weekly News 1913

Exhibition Drive – 100 years of making the grade quotes ‘1923 Motor Trips Around Auckland’.

Many large kauris survive here in spite of intermittent ‘cutting out’ One of the
finest, a tree of seven or eight feet in diameter, stands alone in an open
paddock on Mr J Bishops property, close to the Pipe track, nearly opposite the
tanks at the entrance to the Drive

If look through many historical photos of Titirangi, you will soon begin to recognise these trees – the earliest is this image from the 1890s showing Bishop’s Kauri.

nlnzimage (2)

Photo: Titirangi. Beere, Daniel Manders, 1833-1909 :Negatives of New Zealand and Australia. Ref: 1/2-096247-G. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. /records/22365069

An Auckland Star article from 1936 reminds us that these trees have lived through many historical events.

AS19360926Rim ofHeaven 2
Auckland Star 26th September 1936

Many more recent images are available in the Local History Online collection.

Kauri Tree Near Scenic Drive – 1920?

Kauri Tree along Scenic Drive – 1937

Clark’s Kauri 1937

There is another smaller tree still visible on the Manuka Rd, Woodlands Park Rd corner.