Proposed Waitakere Gateway Path

Is it time we linked Titirangi Village and Atkinson Park with the Waitakeres?

At the same time, some of the significant history of the area could be recognised. Back in the 30’s Mt Atkinson and the first Scenic Drive with its show Kauri were things people came to see.

Watercare are proposing building a huge Water Treatment plant that would block the Clark Bush track and be in the way of the view over the Manukau. If we want to act on this it would need to be now.

The council already have a reserve for a path down from Mt Atkinson – basically all it would take is to build some stairs.

Connecting the Waitakeres with the city

Waitakere Gateway Map

  1. Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery: Links to public transport and the Manukau harbour via Atkinson Park
  2. Soldiers Memorial Walkway
  3. Mt Atkinson Scenic Reserve – extensive views of Auckland City and Manukau Harbour
  4. Stairs via existing council reserve (proposed)
  5. Historic Clark’s Kauri – estimated to be 1000 years old, largest in Auckland urban area?
  6. Existing Clark Bush track
  7. Exhibition Drive track – historic walkway linking to Arataki Visitors Centre and The Hilary Trail