The missing treasure of Titirangi

In the Memoirs section of Marc Bonny’s book Titirangi – Fringe of Heaven, there’s a story that has me wishing I owned a metal detector.

Bill and Essie Bishop relate the story of a man that farmed on land leased from Essie Bishop in the late 1890s and early 1900s:

The man ‘was reputed to have his savings in a tin he hid, supposedly under a large rata tree or in a hollow log. When he was taken ill and taken to the Auckland hospital and was dying, he sent for Chappie Bishop, presumably to tell him of the secret cache. However he died before Chappie’s arrival, so the secret was never revealed. A frantic search by the neighbours, which culminated in the demolition of his house, proved fruitless. Generations of Bishops and others kept searching but nothing was ever found.

I recently discovered a photo on the Local History Online website shows the Auckland Tramping club visiting the house – the lower wall boards have already been removed.

The Bishop family is the founding family of Titirangi and as over the years have owned a lot of land at various stages, so that doesn’t give us a lot of clues – for example here is a photo of Gus Bishop making hay right next to the Titirangi Hotel (now Lopdell House/Te Uru).

Does anyone know where this was? Has the treasure still never been found?